‘There’ll be peace…’

After a full day of meeting awesome actors and actresses, having my adrenaline on high, and smiling so much my face hurt you’d think it couldn’t get any better. I left the convention hall and went back to my hotel to eat, and relax for a bit. I was actually so exhausted already I contemplated skipping Friday night karaoke and going to bed early (I know…I’m crazy right?!). There were several reasons for this:

  1. I’m not a huge karaoke fan (I usually only go if I’m drunk or desperate for human interaction…which trust me from an introvert doesn’t happen often)
  2. What could POSSIBLY be fun about watching other people sing karaoke? (I know…I know… I’m an idiot..you don’t have to remind me)
  3. I’m not going to go up and sing, so what’s the point (again..I know…I get it)
  4. I feel like I should be dressing up or something and I don’t feel like dressing up so I shouldn’t go (are you seeing a pattern here?)

All of these things SCREAM introvert. After being in an area with a large group of people most of the day my batteries needed a recharge. EVERYTHING was telling me not to go. I can sit and list about a hundred reasons why my head was telling me to just get comfy in my PJ’s, watch some mindless tv, and go to bed.

You’ll be HAPPY to hear I ignored every single one of those. I decided this was a “once in a lifetime” opportunity and I couldn’t miss out on ANY of it. I decided I didn’t NEED to get dressed up, so I brushed my teeth, my hair, grabbed my back pack and made the trek back over to the convention center.

There’s no assigned seating or anything for karaoke. So it’s come in, find a spot, and have a good time. Some people were giving out glow sticks, bracelets, and necklaces. I took a couple of bracelets from this nice guy, said thanks and made my way through the door. Now, for those that aren’t in the supernatural fandom or you are but haven’t gone deep enough down the rabbit hole to know about the conventions… every year they have a theme. This year’s theme was Game of Tones. Like Game of Thrones. So the LOVELY stars were dressed up as game of thrones characters… which is a WHOLE other realm of amazingness that you’ll see in pictures below.

Which reminds me, before I get too far not only will you be witness to my pictures with my crappy phone camera, but also for the rest of the entries you get the amazing photos of Tiffany Fahy. Trust me when I say amazing! She has graciously given me permission to show off her handy-work so be sure to give her some love! They are awesome!

Now that that’s out of the way….Karaoke!

I was actually SUPER uncomfortable when I first walked in. Nobody made me feel that way. Like I said…introvert hell… it was like Crowley or Lucifer were standing behind me all…

I was tired, in sensory overload, and around tons of people I don’t know. This is why Supernatural isn’t just a show to me. This fandom is SO amazing, when you feel lost, alone, uncomfortable, or even introvertish (that is SO not a word…but I kind of heart it anyway!), it picks you up and wraps itself around you like a warm blanket.

Even though I was in a room FULL of people, it really didn’t take me long to feel comfortable and have a good time. I never new how fun it would be to sing in a large room with people you’ve never met amazing and random songs. It helped a little that the cast were there awesome selves and made it fun.

I can’t help but love them all. And I loved them even more by the time Karaoke was done. Roughly this is the song list for the evening of all the songs I belted out:

  • Jessie’s Girl By Rick Springfield
  • We’re Not Gonna Take It By Twisted Sister
  • Eye of the Tiger By Survivor
  • Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) By Backstreet Boys
  • We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions By Queen
  • I’m Too Sexy By Right Said Fred
  • You’re The One That I Want By Olivia Newton John & John Travolta
  • Dream On By Aerosmith
  • Back In Black By AC/DC
  • WannaBe By Spice Girls
  • Good Vibrations By Marky Mark
  • Uptown Funk By Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars
  • Shake It Off By Taylor Swift
  • Shut Up And Dance By Walk The Moon
  • Valerie By Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse
  • Kiss By Prince
  • White Wedding By Billy Idol
  • Hot Blooded By Foreigner
  • JukeBox Hero By Foreigner
  • Old Time Rock and Roll By Bob Seger
  • Livin On A Prayer By Bon Jovi
  • Don’t Stop Believing By Journey
  • Carry On My Wayward Son By Kansas

It was amazing, Good Vibrations was sung by 2 guys who basically gyrated (yep, now I sound like your 60 year old mother) and danced around. The boys also got in on Livin On A Prayer and at least one of them ripped his shirt off and Matt Cohen got AWFULLY friendly with him on stage…RAWR. I couldn’t stop laughing, and most of the girls ate it up LoL.

The last song was Carry On My Wayward Son… which anyone who has watched Supernatural knows is basically there anthem at this point. Also, for those paying attention, each of the parts of these convention posts are part of that song. Two points and a gold star if you noticed! With that being said… there is NOTHING like hearing hundreds of people singing this song to end an amazing night! So to end the post… here’s a snippet, till Part 4 ;)….



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