Plateau. . .

Flat as a board, straight as an arrow, asystole (flat-lined for all you non nursing beauties out there)…these are all the things my diet is doing…

I know it’s been forever since I posted about my diet right?! Well that’s because it was put on hold. *making car crashing sounds* *throw in some explosion sound effects for good measure*

Now, now…calm down. This was a conscious decision I made when I started moving into the house. Why? *peanut gallery whisperings of “quitter”* Because I have yet to figure out how to ‘intensely’ do two things at once. What does that mean?  When I’m putting all my time and effort into something if I add something on top of it I pretty much implode into a pile of mush and inevitability accomplish nothing… which for both moving into my house and my diet would be catastrophic.

That doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing diet related. That means I’m not counting calories but still watching what I eat. That means the workouts are non-existent right now. I have however been doing all the move in things so it’s not as though I’m sitting around being lazy doing nothing (ok maybe today I ate a whole Digiorno pizza by myself and am sitting on my a$$ doing nothing…).

I want to make sure I post ALL aspects of my diet with you guys. Why????!!!! Because a diet and weight-loss is not something you should be doing temporarily all gung-ho and then nothing. This just causes yo-yo dieting and actually will make it harder for you to lose weight. This is about being healthy and making lifestyle changes. It sounds really cheesy but it’s true.

So after approximately 3 months of still doing what I needed to do with the house but backing off on the diet what’s the verdict??? 267.2.

I’ve gained back over 10 lbs. Is that sad and depressing? A little. But not as much as you might think. 10 pounds alone could be water weight (I’ve been eating more food, more salt heavy foods….GOD I missed chips!). Also, I’m NOT following my diet to the letter. Yes I’m still eating healthy but I’m indulging when I go out where before I would have restrained myself. So while you think I’d be in a corner crying I’m in fact very excited. If that means not following my diet and most of the time (remember I just ate a whole pizza) not over doing it that I can maintain a good weight. HELL YES!!!

Don’t get me wrong… there are moments when I feel fatter because I’m not working out. Or smaller things that were fitting me again aren’t fitting as well. I can still manage to feel like complete crap about my weight. I’m a pro at that. But lately I’ve been getting sad because I MISS working out. I know weird right?! I miss going full bore into this awesome endeavor.

The house is getting settled. It’s not done by any means but it’s time. It’s time to hit the switch from neutral to drive and get this diet back on it’s feet. Don’t think I forgot about it or gave up. It’s called life…. and life is about balance, and reducing stress. So if you know doing something is going to cause high stress and can manage to avoid doing that…that seems like a good road to me. Even if it is flat as a board….or long and straight like a plateau…

Am I going to jump in with both feet right where I left off? While that’s what I really want to do, I know myself well enough to know I WILL quit if I go from nothing to everything. So, ease back in it is. Food this week, then work outs start again next week. I’ll breathe some life back into this diet and we’ll see where I wind up this time. My next major weight goal: less than 230 lbs. Let’s do this!


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