Junk In My Trunk

Yep, you read that right. I. Have. Junk. In. My. Trunk. Literally. Well ok so my butt is fairly big too (oh who am I kidding it’s a regular ‘Yo Mamma’ joke). But when you have a new house that’s pretty empty what do you do?! You fill it with wonderful things! I know…I know… fill your life with new memories not new things. My walls echo people….ECHO (echo….echo…echo….get it? *winks* See what I did there?)!

So when this happens, you go junkin. What the hell is that?! Ohhhh let me help you into the light. *shines a flash light in your face* You go to this AMAZING event called Junk Bonanza (<–CLICK BAIT!). It happens twice a year in Minnesota but they have them all over the country. I go…I look….and I definitely buy. God do I buy….

Last april I bought some antique suitcases, a sign that said home, and this cute little metal minnesota sign with a heart on it. You will eventually see ALL of these things in the updates for the house. We’ll see if you can pick them out when I post them. For now…you all get to hear about my recent goodies and see pretty pictures. If I got the vendors info I will post it with item as well so you all can drool and maybe get a taste of your own junk.

My first mission is usually to do a quick walk through of everything unless it’s “have to have right now” worthy. I had things in mind I wanted but didn’t find any of those. I DID find two adorable glass bottles, a wood brewery box, a big hinge made to hold pictures, a big chain made to hold pictures, and a metal and wood picture holder. If these things sound vague they’re supposed to ;). Eventually you will get to see everything in its glory. Probably more down the line too because lets face it….I have a junking problem.

After this trip I made another wonderful decision to go to Hobby Lobby that same day (I know…I’m a HUGE fan of torture and being broke apparently). I bought a few goodies from them to mesh with goodies I already have. Again, you will see them all in due time. For now, we will start with something simple:

Not only do you get a sneak peek of my dining table but you get to see my first addition to the new house in decor. A tiny glass rootbeer concentrate bottle I bought with a burlap flower and some greenery behind that. This has a perfect place in my bedroom. When I finish everything you’ll get a finished picture of its place. I don’t think any of you will be disappointed. Then again….maybe you will. I’m like that…

So yeah… my booty’s big….but now so is my real trunk….cause it’s full of junk ;).


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