So It Begins…


Who knew I had so much stuff?!  The things you find in the deep dark depths of a storage unit after almost 5 years. One step…two step…three step…four… move things in till I hit the floor. Okay, okay… cheesy I know. After taking down popcorn ceilings (more to come on that), painting ceilings and trim for what seemed like weeks (oh yeah…because it was), I’m moving on in. Step by step, box by box. Everything must come in.  The bedroom is SO close to being completely done. Once the make over is complete I will post about that. For now, it’s time to move in. Which lets be honest.. It’s about FREAKING TIME!

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the rents helping me out when I moved back to Minnesota. The “I’ll be staying for 6 months till I can get on my feet…” Turned into almost 5 years later. But that must mean I’m lazy right? *winks* Or maybe it’s because to find a decent apartment in the area I live is at LEAST $1000 a month and usually higher. Which means with the amount of student loans I’m paying on a monthly basis I couldn’t afford to live on my own in an apartment. Way to go economy… you sure know how to get a girl yeah?

How do you move all of your belongings into a house after they’ve been in storage so long? Very…. slowwwwwwwwly… EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING needs to be washed, rinsed, cleaned from top to bottom. It’s dusty, spider infested (and don’t think I haven’t screamed a couple of times….ok…8 to be exact), and is making everything move at snail speed. BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Soon I will be comfy cozy in my bed and be able to listen and only hear the annoying whiney, bitchey meow of my cat in the distance saying “feed me!” I’m all for that. *sings* ALLLL BYYYY MYYYYSEEEEEELF…. I WANNA be allllll byyy myyyyyyseeeeelf!

Earlier today I was looking at the walls in the house, trying to think of what I wanted to put where and I thought about my friends houses/apartments with all the pictures hung up everywhere. I have very few pictures, and the ones I do have I really don’t even want to put up. I thought I was crazy for that…maybe something was wrong with me, or I’m weird (well…I know I’m weird…shhhh don’t tell anyone else). But alas, I found out it’s just because I’m an introvert. Ha! Reading this article (ok that was a stretch…it was one of those weird lists) it said that introverts don’t have a lot of photos or generally faces staring at them (this included posters, etc with people on them) because it could increase overall anxiety and an introverts home space is a place to decompress. This is so true it’s not even funny.

So for future reference when coming to my house. Yes, I have a family…yes, I have friends… no.. I don’t have a lot of pictures up. That doesn’t mean  I hate people or don’t want them around. Ok, I don’t want them around all the time… hence the needing my own space.

20160830_2005511So to you this may just look like a few boxes on the floor. But to me this a breath of fresh air. Like after almost 5 years I can relax. I can use my own things, cook what I want (or burn what I want if we’re being honest), and having people over when I want…. and my xbox!

I can’t wait to play my xbox. I know, I’m a nerd. I’m cool with that. I haven’t played it in almost 5 years. I can’t wait to see how rusty I am (my skills surely have disintegrated into dust I’m so rusty).

Movies! I have all of my movies in one spot instead of having to rotate boxes of just certain DVDs. I don’t think you understand…I love movies…I mean I REALLY love movies. I have a lot of them. I’m now going to be going into movie heaven.

People have been asking when I’m having a house-warming party. When they can come over…the answer is: not for awhile. Don’t get me wrong. I want people to come over and see. However, I want to enjoy it with just me…in the quiet…by myself. Alone. With my cat. I sound like a cat lady…. and right now…I’m ok with that. It’s creepy for others and I haven’t dated in about 10 years. *thinks* Yep, almost exactly ten years.  But right now I want my space. I chose calling this post ‘So It Begins…’ because this introvert is going to enjoy the silence starting….. NOW.


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