‘My Wayward Son…’

How do you sleep when you know you’re about to have one of the best weekends of your life?

The answer is you don’t….much…maybe two hours…or one…if you’re lucky.

I know you’ve all been DYING (ok maybe not dying…at the edge of your seat? bouncing off the walls? biting your nails?) to get Part 2 of the convention. Did any of you look up Supernatural? You DID didn’t you :). I knew you would!

After little sleep the night before, I pried myself out of bed (oh who’s kidding I jumped out of bed so fast I almost got whip-lash), grabbed some fruit and a bagel for breakfast, then walked to the convention center. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole way. Nervous, anxious, scared all rolled into one mish-mash of what the hell is gonna happen?! It wasn’t time for the convention to start before I rolled in the door. People were standing in line trying to register for the day (this is where I thank the people that gave me tips prior to the convention. You rock!). I didn’t have to wait around so I cruised the vendors to see if there was anything else interesting I wanted.  I had been looking for something to get the boys and Jeffery Dean Morgan to sign together and couldn’t really find anything. I decided on a scrapbook that emulated Papa Winchester’s journal (If you haven’t looked up Supernatural you should so you know what I’m talking about 😉 ).

When it was finally time to go in I was shaking and freaking out. Like REALLY freaking out. I’m surprised I didn’t hyperventilate myself into an ambulance. My good gal pal Dawn was probably getting annoyed with the pictures of the walk in…which I was mostly taking so I could be mildly distracted so I didn’t fall over. Sitting in my seat, (or on the edge of it) I waited for it to start…and wasn’t disappointed.

Richard Speight Jr.(The Trickster) and Rob Benedict (Chuck) with his band Louden Swain brought the house down. I instantly fell in love with Rob. I didn’t have any photo ops with him at the start of the con. I quickly fixed that almost immediately after the con open. I was laughing, crying, still slightly shaking all at the same time.

As quick as the open started, it was done. Then it was time for Kim Rhodes (Sheriff Jody Mills) and Briana Buckmaster (Sheriff Donna) to do there panel. I had one photo op with them which was the two of them together. But these two are SO incredibly amazing, sassy, sarcastic, beautiful, and SO my kinda people that I scooped up a photo op with each of them individually too. LOVE. THEM. As an example: (crappy video alert! But FUNNY)…

Kim Rhodes has a young daughter with Autism which I thoroughly believe has turned her into an even MORE amazing person if that’s possible. I’m gushing I know….ok…ok… I’m fan-girling. *stops* *takes a deep breath*

By the end of the panel I finally figured out how to get there faces to not be white washed. I was using my camera on my phone which is not the greatest (note to self…a better camera STAT). So while not the greatest of images here’s a couple of pictures from the Q&A 🙂


I was REALLY sad to see them go but I had my photo ops with them later so I’d see them again ;).

The next panel was Ruth Connell (Rowena). I unfortunately don’t have any usable pictures from her panel but she was little, soft spoken, and oddly charming. I mean oddly in a literal way. *giggling* She gave out soaps and things from the hotel to people who answered questions, threw out soggy gummy bears, and managed to do a much better cart wheel than I could in a million years. She’s short, and yes she really talks like she does on the show. I loved her.

Both of the panels went by REALLY fast. I mean I was like ‘oh my god its 2pm already!’ I had to leave the Ruth panel a little early in order to get to my first photo op on time. Kim and Brianna. My first photo op of the con. My first photo op meeting AMAZING stars of the show I LOVE…and what do I do in my photo op?

I flipped off the camera. These two ladies gave me the confidence to ask them to do that. They are truly role models for not only women but people in general. But…definitely women 😉

After this…and LOTS of almost hyperventilating (and so much smiling my face hurt). I had 3 more photo ops: Kim individually, Brianna individually, and Rob individually:

How can you not love these?! *tries to keep the fan-girl to a minimum*

There were 2 more panels after this. One was Travis Aaron Wade (Cole).

Who is super sweet. He’s ex military and spent most of his time discussing his charities AND he even helped a man propose to his girlfriend:

I KNOW the picture is super blurry but COME. ON. You have to get a picture of a proposal. He was so nervous it was cute and she was so embarrassed and kept pointing to the floor like ‘get down on one knee’ he was finally like ‘I’m getting there!’ It was adorable.

After Travis came Osric Chau (Kevin). God I love that guy. He’s cute, humble, and spent a long time talking about PokemonGO. Here’s a snippet of him talking about how he got pulled over by a couple police because he was trying to take down a gym in a not-so-nice neighborhood at like 2am:

He also talked about how he almost didn’t take the Kevin role because it was ‘SO ASIAN’ and how he wore a dress to the Leo Awards (which he won).

I was laughing, still mildly shaking…and after all that I had one more photo op of the day: Osric.

He’s WAY more adorable in person. No joke, his power pack for pokemon is still in his pocket (to the lower right)…still hatching eggs LoL.

Finally it was time to wait in line to get my 30 seconds of chatting in during autographs with Kim, Brianna, and Osric. Basically you say hi, watch them sign your stuff and NEXT. LoL. I did have to stand in line a bit longer for Osric. The girl in front of me had the photo she wanted to get signed in a plastic protective photo holder thingy (shush I’m drawing a blank on what else to call them right now 😛 ). She couldn’t get it out, so then he tried for a few minutes careful not to damage the photo. Then he blew in the sleeve and WAL-la, the sleeve opened and the picture came out. The girl was impressed. Osric was just like “it’s just a little physics,” and without missing a beat the girl goes ‘It must be the advanced placement.’ For those that have seen Supernatural I will wait for your giggles to subside. *waits patiently* *Eats a cracker while waiting*

So after not sleeping much… at this point I’m super exhausted. The program part of the day is done. Roughly at about 7 after I’m finished with autographs.

After ALL of that you’d think that would be the end of the day right?! Nope… starting at a little before 10pm is the Karaoke party with these crazy cats! For that though… you’ll have to wait…till part 3… 😉


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