Over The River And Through The Woods To Grandmother’s House We…..Live?

I think these days I’m part of a generation they call boomerang? Millenial? I guess this means I go out…make something of myself, then BOOM I’m back home. I was born in 1983.. so I’m not sure what “generation” that puts me in. If the news has it right, I’m lazy…don’t know how to work hard, entitled…this list goes on. But you know what I think? 

I think the difference of generations is how each one gets things accomplished. Don’t get me wrong… There will always be those people who don’t work hard, want to be lazy, and who feel entitled. Knowing my age however, shouldn’t make you think that’s what I am. 

Since 2012 I moved back home. Does that make me lazy? Lame? Emotionally a thirteen year old? Well maybe the 13 year old part…. The problem with this generation in a word: DEBT. 

Graduating from college gave me over $200,000 in student loan debt. I’m NOT complaining (I do LOTS of complaining…like LOTS of complaining…but not THIS…DAY…), that money paid for a great education which has given me an even more amazing job. Yeah yeah…I spend a lot of time wiping up poop that’s not my own. I’m a nurse get your mind out of the ditch…gutter…never ending dirty abyss (I know it was there because mine is always there). I still like my job. I signed papers agreeing to pay that full amount. I WILL pay it off. What I’m not ok with is that at its highest I was paying $1800 a month minimum payment. 

This is why I moved back home. So I could be SUPER LAZY and afford to live while I paid student loan bills ;). But enough with the depressing blabbering…

A few months ago, in the depths of this website there was a drafted blog entry about my journey to start shopping for a house. What an AMAZING adventure right? Terrifying…but amazing. I saw a realtor, went to a bank…I had worked 4 1/2 long years to get to this point. 

What you ALSO didnt get to see was the devastation I had after the bank told me in “two to three years” I would be in an awesome spot to get a house.

What does an introvert girl do? She freaks out, eats a whole lot, cries a little and doesn’t tell anybody (you didn’t read that….right?). So now what? That’s what I thought…feared….ate an entire fridge worth of food for (GREAT for the diet yeah?). Then it happened….

There is no river…and there is no woods..but to grandmothers house I do go. That’s right. A light at the end of the tunnel…a big one. My grandma moved into an assisted living and I was offered an opportunity to move into her house.

I was definitely willing, but sometimes with her dementia she turns into crazy psycho grandma…with a really cute smile. Imagine a really mean golden girl at times and BOOM you got her. Because of this I was only willing to do it if I had her blessing. One day unexpectedly (VERY unexpected…like I thought maybe someone drugged her unexpected) she gave it. 

So now…. here we go. I got the ok to remodel the house, so after some changes, particularly to the bedroom, I will get to move out. 

So what better adventure than moving out of my parents (FINALLY….*hears heavenly music*) house and into my own space. My stuff has been in the abyss of storage for over 4 years and i miss it….and the perks of being able to walk around naked….LOOK OUT NEIGHBORS! Oh come on you know I’m not going to have my shades open for that. NO ONE needs to see that. *whispers* it’ll scare the children! 

So this is my new pad! There will be plenty more to come…Peace Out people….till next time (you’re thinking about me being naked in the house aren’t you…. :P)! 


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