‘Carry On….’

In life there are always those things you connect with. It can be as simple as a poem, or book or as complicated as an entire country. Whatever it may be it helps to shape you into the person you become and seems to inspire us in ways we never really imagine can happen. I’m an introvert (duh!), I have awful self-esteem (double duh!). With those two things being said I have improved in BOTH areas. The self-esteem especially. I’ve always connected with music and movies/tv. I’m not really sure why. Just something about the characters or the message gets to me. So much so that when something intense is getting to me I actually get a physical pain in my feet or hands. Yep, you read that right. I’m sure you thought my weirdness couldn’t get any higher. HA! I proved you wrong!

I’ve always wanted to act and maybe eventually I’ll get there. That’s a different adventure for a different day right? I tried my hand at singing in high school. I was ok at it… I probably couldn’t carry much of a tune now if I tried (and believe me…I still try… just ask my friends :P). But…to the point!

I decided about a year ago that after I paid some of my student loans down I was going to give myself a gift. Not like when you send flowers to yourself to convince yourself someone cares more than a little (nope…I’ve NEVER done that). I decided to frivolously spend my money on something I wanted, that most people would think I’m crazy for… A Supernatural Convention. What’s Supernatural some of you might ask…? (And I might ask how in the HELL do you NOT know about Supernatural…it’s ok, I’ll let it slide this time). Supernatural is a TV show that has been around for 11 seasons. They are currently making season 12. I’ve talked about the main characters before, and you’ve seen there hot bodies before…want to again? cc9b1857fea3c43aaf27ad26c05511a9

You’re Welcome 😉

I chose this because believe it or not this show has done AMAZING things for me. It’s very hard to describe, but I’ve always been attached to shows that highlight family. The two of them play brothers that would do anything to protect each other and there’s something so appealing about that I can’t help but watch. Okay…ok… so there looks MIGHT just help a bit too. I’m partial to the one on the right in the picture above (Sam). He’s a lot of hot with a little bit of nerd all rolled into one.

I decided this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, go big or go home right? I bought a gold package which comes with autographs. Which was *gulp* $799. Nope, that’s not a typo. *waits for that to sink in* Oh I’m not done yet. You can purchase photo ops with the stars, and they are…expensive….to say the least. They ranged anywhere from $40 with the smaller stars to $400 with the bigger stars. And guess how many of those I bought…. 5? 8? 10? Nope… TWELVE. Then, yep there’s more. It’s a three day event, which meant staying in a hotel… in downtown Minneapolis. So the price of the hotel, plus parking was roughly $900 for 4 nights. I KNOW RIGHT?!

So total I spent…wait for it… $4,000 (I know…I know…how incredibly irresponsible of me…blah Blah BLAH). But…once in a lifetime…and how about this amazing freaking adventure!!!

It’s done and over and I have to say…the money I spent…I don’t regret ANY of it. It was the most amazing experience of my life. So brace yourself. This is at LEAST a 3 part adventure. Maybe 4 if I’m feeling frisky! So… here we go!

Thursday (Day before convention starts):

A 2.5 hour drive to Minneapolis with awesome music, and lots of singing landed me at my hotel at about 6:30 pm. Ate some dinner, watched a little olympics and then cruised over to the convention center for pre-registration. I got my wrist band (which by the way took me an entire week to take off…mentally, not because it wouldn’t come off. More on that later), my lanyard with my pass on it, and the schedule. Now these schedules are jam PACKED with everything, and notes on what to do first, how to get from one event to the other without missing things…and I have a LOT of things I have to get to. One of the BEST pieces of advice I got from people who had gone to conventions in the past: highlight what you’re going to and color code everything. So when I got back to my hotel…that is what I did. Here is my worse for wear schedule all prettified (hush that is TOO a word!):


This was also a wonderful opportunity to purchase some swag. I brought a Sam Funko Pop doll to have signed but I was sucked into wanting 2 more. I purchased a Dean one and a Charlie one. I understand if you haven’t seen the show these probably mean nothing to you. But let’s pretend it does for fun k? 😉 I also purchased a couple of arm bands. There was this company called Band for Arms (<–CLICK ME TO FIND OUT MORE) which is a wonderful program that uses military uniforms to make wrist bands: 50% of there sales go to various charities that support military members and there families. How can you NOT get behind that and buy a couple. I bought one that says I’m a sam girl and another that says ‘Never Stop Fighting.’ Which is a reference to the ‘Always Keep Fighting’ that Jared Padalecki has brought to the fore-front with his charity work. I was ready…


now all I had to do was sleep… :/

midnight comes…




530…I’m pretty sure I dozed off here. Maybe not?

PLEEEEASE let this convention start already?!

And then… Day 1 of the best day of my life! (Next time…in Part 2…I know… I’m a sucker for cliff hangers!)


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