You Want Me To Do WHAT?!

GISHWHES… It sounds like a crazy form of gibberish. Is it a new language? Is it a form of interpretive dance? NOPE! It’s an acronym that stands for:  The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. What the HELL is it? How does it work you ask? WELLLLLLLL random people from the internet universe…I’ll tell you 😉 (even if you don’t want to know…I was going to tell you anyway. I’m a dick like that)! To start, it’ll cost you a one time fee (and whatever you buy for supplies for the hunt). It’s put on by Supernatural’s Misha Collins (Castiel) and his lovely team of minions. It starts at the beginning of August and lasts for an entire week. The hunt consists of lots of people all over the world…14 other people besides yourself (maybe friends…definitely some strangers…or some who are just strange, it’s a good mix 😉 )… and almost 200 random silly, inspiring, crazy, fun, laughable, charitable, kind items to complete. This list is hard, crazy hard. On purpose. Misha does this to everyone ON PURPOSE. For torture.. like a mom who says you can have ice cream for dessert but only after you eat your brussel sprouts..or kale…definitely kale *shudders*. This year I decided to do it for the first time.

After all, the whole idea is to get out of my comfort zone and do something totally extroverted (and probably cry about it later) right?! I wanted to ease into it…gently…like sliding into a pool on a hot day. Only it’s GISHWHES…there is no real way to “slide” into anything. The door opens on day one…the items are posted, and it’s like Misha Collin’s comes out and says “HI I’M MISHA…COME PLAY WITH ME…THIS WILL BE FUN…” and drags you into the pool before you have a chance to take a breath like a cat getting a bath.

It sounds scary, and initially when the first 174 items are posted on day one… I was like ‘oh dear GOD what have I gotten myself into?’ Items like getting a railroad flat car, putting a writing desk on it with a vase and flowers, dress in Victorian clothing and sit at the desk writing a letter to your beloved (no really…that was an item). But once you take that breath, and break it down with your group and slowly look at the items. It made me laugh, cry, feel uncomfortably out of my little box of normal, and I loved EVERY second of it.

I warned people ahead of time I might be doing silly things. The last post on this blog was an item I completed. I loved every waking moment (and there were a lot of those…I lost some sleep that week *WHEW*). I loved having my niece who’s almost 5 put me in the clothes, makeup and hair she wanted and go to the grocery store. I loved working together with people to get things done. I loved helping other people. Because of doing that hunt I wanted to do more so I did other things to help and make people feel good. I think (wait for it…) I even made some people….smile… I know right?!

It helps to raise thousands of dollars for charities, it has people doing fun and helpful things. All around it helps to make this crazy world a better place. One of the items this year is to help a refugee family from syria. GISHWHES, Misha Collins, and RandomActs charity wanted to help Change A Life (<—click this link to donate) for the better. Due to GISHWHES not only did he change one but several. Misha and RandomActs wanted to support one family, but after getting enough funds to support that family for THREE YEARS, they picked up another family and another. They have raised over $214,000!!!

I can truly say that experience made me a better person, forced me outside of my comfort zone, and made me become friends with people I might not have otherwise. I mean, after you go into a grocery store with a 4 1/2 year old dressed like this:

How uncomfortable can you get doing other things? So Thanks GISHWHES for taking me on an adventure I knew would be an experience but had NO IDEA how much it would impact my life. It truly was amazing to do and watch happen. I WILL be doing it next year, and I will be far more prepared (*hears Misha’s laughter in the background*)…or not! Either way, I’m ready for what you wanna throw at me. Want to participate next year? Click below, or you can go to my links page to see what it’s all about! Till next time: peace out!




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