Who is Miss Jean Louis?

Woman? Fish? Snozzberry? Snortblat? This biography will unleash and reveal a human (or alien-robot hybrid?) who is shrouded in mystery and yet enjoys making the world a happier place.

Miss Jean Louis. Many of us know her well as the professional advisor/babysitter to our overlord Misha Collins. However, this will delve into the depths that is MJL (can I call you MJL? or homey JL?). Let’s start from the beginning…

Miss Jean Louis was born with the help of a midwife July 28th 1887 on a dirt floor in a hut residing in Khor Angar, Djibouti.

Not much is known about her childhood…except it was far from normal. Rumors are she spent it where the hill’s are alive and the oceans are deep, leading to expertise in many things including riding all sorts of marine animals and becoming friends with yeti’s. She is particularly fond of orca riding…especially in the nude. Rumors are the slippery surface makes for fond memories of when she slept on a bed of herring when she was 6 or 7. However the herring were unreachable to confirm this.

Miss Jean Louis is also a master of music, playing the spoons, armpit, and whoopie cushion. She is also a classic pianist and spends a good amount of her spare time being a flautist which she perfected while learning from the tibetan mastiff across the street. Although she spent many years using the neighbors lutefisk. When she finally got her own instrument it made everyone happy (didn’t I say she liked making people happy :). She also enjoys dermatologist stalking. Let’s be honest, good skin is a rarity these days, and she enjoys collecting it in petri dishes.

Miss Jean Louis is always hungry, this is why a good portion of her clothing she makes herself from food. She enjoys popcorn, watermelon, and corn husks are her personal favorites. She also enjoys art that makes people vomit for religious experience… Or was it making people have religious experiences OR vomit? The message is sometimes unclear.

She has several pets her current favorite is in the tweet below:

She does however also have a padafloof, as well as 3 others she has named Meeesha, Mooshie, and Mocalypse.

Mostly though, Miss Jean Louis is about giving people the gift of happiness…whether it’s through her work with GISHWHES or whether it’s in the ways she finds to annoy our overlord. Without Miss Jean Louis it’s clear the world would be a much sadder place.

In the words of the lovely creature herself:

“I like what I am but detest what I like. Life to me is something that should be shaken, not stirred. If you have one thing you hold dear, you have too many things. Just drop a few and see what breaks – those are what you needed. Pick them up and re-assemble them but not in the same order. You will enjoy them more. I like Misha Collins in the way one might like digging into their belly-button with a ****-scalpel. But perhaps less so.” (Note…some portions of this quote have been censored to avoid saying the green awful perveyer of hell that must not be named)


❤ WingedWarriors


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