Sixteen thousand three hundred sixty eight…

Marbles? jewels? dollars? (<–Don’t I WISH).  Nope. FEET. What the? What does that mean… 3.1 miles. That’s right. A 5K.DSC_4384[1]I think everyone except for me knew I could do it. My brain, as per usual was a plethora of evil dark and twisty thoughts. But I did it anyway!

My first ever 5k. I jogged for approximately 15 seconds before both my foot and my ENTIRE body went “screw you, biatch.” So the jogging did not happen. There was much walking. Like, a mountain of walking. Nothing like climbing on a bunch of giant inflatables to show you exactly how out of shape you truly are.

Up to the 5k I have to say I was extremely discouraged. Don’t get me wrong, I was all in. I could do this (despite the day and half of nervous farts and hot boxing myself in the car on the way there). I HAD to do this to prove it to myself. The discouragement (is that even a word? UGH it’s late) came from the injury to my foot in May which meant I had only just RECENTLY (as in 2 weeks ago) started lightly jogging again. In addition, my weight has hit an official plateau. I’m still stuck at 34 lbs lost. I feel like I caught dysentery on the Oregon Trail and am frantically trying to hunt so I don’t die on the road (bad analogy? *shrug* again…it’s late). The only difference being if I caught dysentery I’d be losing weight from crapping my brains out all the time. You’re welcome for the visual by the way.

I rocked it out, did 99% of the course. The only thing I KIND of didn’t do was at the very end there were these giant inflatable balls (guys I know you’re jealous) that you had to bounce across and I was so exhausted and with my ankle I thought I’d roll it and ruin everything I earned (believe me I still tried, stepped in a couple of holes on the course and almost rolled my ankle TWICE…yep, I’m a klutz). There was one obstacle that about killed me… No really, you can ask anyone who saw me. It took 3 people (one being the person doing it with me and two total strangers) to help me through one part of it. Those weights at the gym are complete bullsh*t. I have NO upper body strength what-so-ever! So that and the occasional slide making me feel like a beached whale…all in all I feel like I did pretty well. 😉


I wanted to give up. I wanted to roll over and say enough! But I didn’t. I kept going. Don’t think the person I went with didn’t have a HUGE part in keeping me going. Her and the other people were AMAZING! Total strangers cheering me on. Volunteers, fellow 5K’ers (again…not a word I’m sure), everyone! Guess what?! I’d do it all over again. When’s the next one? I’m ready! (Well, I mean I’m ready to sign up… I’m TOTALLY not ready to run one. I will be though…no worries).

So 3.1 miles may not seem like very far to most. However, those 16,368 feet were brutal, hard, and I still did it. On the road to a better me I’d say that’s a pretty big adventure.


(Random side note, sorry for the absence, be ready for some rapid fire blog entries though…life, has been busy, much adventure happening 😉 )



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