‘Show….Me….The MONEY!’

moneyShow me the money! Give me all the money! Show me the… $13.83?! What’s so exciting about a whole $13.83 you ask? I won it. How? By losing weight. *waits for that to sink in* Yeah, I know laugh all you want but HELLO?! It’s $13.83 I didn’t have before. I have discovered an AMAZING website. Well, probably not so amazing if you have a gambling problem. Hey…gamblers anonymous…cover your ears and eyes! *waves my hand in front of your face to make sure you’re not peeking* DietBet is an amazing website where you bet money to lose weight. This brings motivation to a whole new level. Why? How many of us can afford to lose our hard earned money? I know with the mountain of student loans I have I can’t. So I did it. I bet $100 to lose 4% of my body weight in 4 weeks. WHICH at the time turned out to be 10.4 lbs. And…I NAILED it! Losing actually 11.4 lbs.

There were times the dreaded fridge called to me…I could hear it…like a schizophrenic on a bender hear it. Normally, I would answer, and sing songs with it..and enjoy a tasty treat of whatever the hell I wanted. But now, with $100 on the line. I turned, and gave it the finger!

On the site you are guaranteed to get your money back, plus win a percentage of the over all pot if you make the goal. In this game’s case it was: $13.83. Okay, okay…so it’s not a get rich quick scheme. But anything that can help me go from flab to fab *strikes a pose* is totally worth it. So that means in other news….wait for it…

I LOST OVER 30 POUNDS TOTAL! 33.8 to be exact. That’s right bitches, I lost like a whole toddler! In my butt and thighs no less! Take that thunder thighs! I’m down to a size 16 in pants and an XL in tops. All of this EVEN though I injured myself (again…yes…shhh I’m a klutz) on the treadmill. Strained a tendon in my foot. wah, wah, wahhhhhhh… it’s been 2 1/2 weeks since I’ve jogged on the treadmill. Last work out I was able to “speed walk” (trust me it wasn’t speedy) on the treadmill for 6 minutes before my foot started to hurt. So imagine what I can lose on DietBet if I’m actually not half broken?! Well…go ahead…imagine. Okay stop, I don’t like where that fantasy is going.

The Inflatable 5K is fast approaching however, like a freight train… and I still can’t do more than walk for 6 minutes on a treadmill. *starts to hyperventilate* I can do this… I can make this happen. Without breaking the rest of myself though? Now your imagining me falling into a crumpled pile of brokenness aren’t you? *sighs* It’s okay… so am I! But I will do it! I am determined! This adventure is taking me places I never dreamed and I’m enjoying the ride. BOTH the ups, and the downs. Why? Because you can’t learn how amazing you really are and how much you can handle until you have the downs too.

Being an introvert means I spend a lot of time talking myself INTO doing things, because being social is something I struggle with every day. So not only does the 5K scare me for the fact of doing something new, being around new people, running in public, being uncomfortable in my own skin, clothes, etc… but it scares me to fail. That is the biggest fear. Failing at something I put my best effort into. Failing in front of others I respect and admire. So why do it? Why even get out of bed? Why? Why? WHY?! This is my brain on introvert. Welcome… don’t stay here too long yours might end up the same way.

So how do you fight it? DietBet. Sounds stupid. Anything that I can hold onto to convince myself I CAN do it…that it IS worth it. Is worth its weight in GOLD. So yeah, at the end of this game I only won $13.83. But to me, that win symbolizes that I CAN achieve what I set out to do. If this is one tool that’s going to help me get there. You can count me in! SHOW…ME….THE MONEY!



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