IKEA would be my own personal hell….

Don’t get me wrong. I love IKEA (I’ve been there all of twice). But for someone like me (aka can’t make decisions queen) it would take forever for me to buy something. You have to decide about everything!

I have this picture in my head for certain things in the house and then others it’s like what am I gonna do?! Since I left you in the previous entry I had just moved in.

I have some furniture but need others. So here’s where the decision making comes in. What’s first? A dining room table. Sounds random. Believe me, I wasn’t planning on the table but hey gotta start somewhere.

The ideas in my brain work like this (brace for impact): when I have an idea in my head it’s easy to make that decision…I just find that idea. As an example I know on one wall in my bedroom I want 3 different sized floating shelves. Also, on the back wall where my headboard is I want one large piece that kind of looks like a half circle window, in white (this has been SUPER difficult to find thus far). Those things are easy because I know what I want. The ones that aren’t easy decisions are because I have a rough idea of style but NO IDEA what I want.

So when it came to the table I had an idea (a little rustic, a little industrial) but no concrete image of what I wanted. Then boom, I found it! Two hiccups. Had it delivered… came to the wrong house. Imagine if you will me… a large nonathletic woman and my neighbor a 120 lb soaking wet woman wearing flip flops trying to carry this VERY heavy box across the back yard. The whole time I was like “please baby Jesus don’t let me drop it on this woman’s toes!”

Once I got it to my garage I had to maneuver it into the house and get it unpacked. Here’s a hint how that went *insert multiple expletives here*. Once I got it unpacked however the second hiccup became apparent. A crack. Not a little unnoticeable crack…I’m talking 4 feet long down one side of the table crack. Here’s the table with cracks and all…

What to do now? Call and get some money back on the table BAM!  Welcome to my $350 table. Fixing the the crack was actually easy. Because it was all along one side. Wood glue, clamps, and wood blocks. You can still kind of see where the crack was, but honestly I think it gives character to the table. It’s supposed to look rustic and industrial…cracks are rustic. Not those cracks, although they’re probably rustic too.

After the table I was like WHERE are people going to sit?! I have this large black chair in the middle of the living room (which really doesn’t even belong there) and nothing else. It’s like a wasteland of furniture *crickets chirping* (do crickets chirp??? Birds chirp….ah whatever). So next it was a couch. Wayfair again… after MUCH deliberation over fabric swatches…and i mean much I chose a lighter green couch. It took about a month after it was ordered because they had to make it…but when it came it was awesome. I bought these cute pillows at walmart for $5 a piece. I happened to walk by them and internal me was like “oooo those are super cute.” Here’s the adorable couch: (wayfair link on top, the couch in my living room on the bottom)


Cute right?! *waits for everyone to agree* Next I started working on some projects for the bedroom. I added a bench from wayfair at the end of my bed to help store bedding and I made a necklace holder to put on my wall. Any of the things I make I will eventually be putting up into a project page. For now if you want details on how I made things you can message me. Below are the pictures of the necklace holder, which is probably one of my favorite things in the house so far.

I can be creative when I want to be *winks*. Below is the bench I added to the end of my bed.


These little things took me a few months to do. Lot’s of decisions. My decision meter is SO tapped out, but there is much more house to fill. So while decisions make me queasy, and IKEA although cool is my own nightmare… there are many more decisions to come. Starting with the updating of the dining room. It was dusty, and exhausting. I know you all can’t wait…. BUT you’ll have to. 😉


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