We Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghosts!


There’s somethin strange….in the winery….who you gonna call?! …. Sori?? Carah?? Cori and Sarah??? Ugh that doesn’t work. WAIT! I GOT THIS! “The Ghost Sisters!”

What in the hell am I talking about you ask? An adventure Watson! My bestie Cori and I (hence the Cori and Sarah bit) made our way down to Liberty Missouri for a wine and ghost hunting adventure via Strange Escapes (<-Link to there website…click it!). Founded by the LOVELY Amy Bruni from Ghost Hunters, with her awesome cohort Adam Berry of Ghost Hunters and Kindred Spirits, they have weekend events investigating awesome places. I knew it was going to be an epic weekend. Boy, was I right!

The trip started with a 4:15 wake up call. Talk about early. GOD I wanted to hit the snooze…BUT there was no time Watson! Piling into Cori’s car we made our way out on the open road.

We sang, we talked (and even bitched about stuff….imagine that!). Our first stop of the morning was Perkins for breakfast. Why? Cause we were hungry…you should NOT mess with 2 women while they are hungry (we grow horns and turn eeeeeeevil). We filled up then got back on our way. There’s like this nervous excitement that happens for the next few hours. Laughing, joking, talking about what to expect this weekend.

The trip actually went by really fast. Before you knew it we were in Bethany Missouri eating lunch at a little place called ‘Toot-Toot’. No….really….thats the name of the restaurant. You can check it out –> HERE. We had a down home cooking lunch buffet, then cruised next door to check out a junk shop. Where I could have spent FAR too much money but I restrained myself. Cori bought a couple of things and away we went.

Before we knew it we were crossing into Kansas City Missouri.

Skyscrapers, lights, and most importantly….nice weather. I don’t think you realize how important this is. Cori and I live in “the frozen tundra” where winter has been going on for sooooooooo many months I thought I’d never see the sun again. *reaches out longingly* I love the sun… I miss the sun….

But oooooo watch out for sunburn… I am pastey white after all!

Green grass, warm weather, bright sun… it’s like heaven. We found our AirBnB after a few wrong turns and settled in for a hike up to the 3rd floor with our bags.

My inner monolog was as follows: ‘hmmm this looks like an okay part of downtown….that building is cute….god it’s nice out…why did i bring so much crap?!…you want me to climb HOW MANY stairs?!…ok…let’s do this….well this isn’t so bad….oh god…my thighs….I’m dying…this is what death is…I can’t breathe….when is it over?!….oh $h&%@&… I’m done thank you Jesus!’

Once upstairs it was a super cute place. Follow the link–> Here, or on my links page to check it out. What to do first? We’ve been cooped up in a car so it was time to find a park and go for a walk. I needed vitamin D!!!

After that it was find a place to get alcohol and then walk to dinner for some Kansas City BBQ. Then relax, and crash. ZzZzZzZz…..


We needed to be at Belvoir Winery (<–click me)  to register at about 2pm on Friday. Plugged the address into the GPS and without too much confusion found our way. I can’t tell you what an impact pulling into this place was. It’s so grand, and huge, and yep…you guessed it…kind of creepy. Here’s a set of pictures that definitely don’t do it justice…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Amazing right?! So there is a dinner afterwards that we wanted to get all fancied up for and meet and greets. But we decided to go and get registered, check out what they had to purchase, then cruise back to the AirBnB and get ready. So we walk in, waiting in line to get registered and who’s off to the right just selling things at a booth like a normal person…? Amy….fricken…Bruni….! I know… I know… she’s JUST a normal person. But COME…ON… it’s Amy Bruni. I have been wanting to meet this woman for years. She seemed amazing…and I expect her to be like hidden and presented like some random trophy for all to see and aww over. But there she is, just… being an awesome human being, selling things and chatting with her daughter. So I’m smiling from ear to ear, looking at Cori… and I’m like ‘OMG….there she is…OMG…keep your cool…. don’t be a dork…don’t freak out… DON’T…FREAK….OUT.’ *deep breaths* I got this!

So after we register we cruise into the bar area to look at the shirts. We get a cute adorable wine glass and make our way to Amy’s booth. We picked up a couple things, chatted with Amy…fricken… Bruni for a few minutes (*calms my breathing*…. *tries to stop fangirling*), take a glance around the place then cruise back to get ready.

We decided we wanted to get our wine glasses signed so we went to a Michael’s in town to pick up some markers that sign glass and found something for Charlotte, Amy’s daughter to do for the weekend. Side note…she’s even more cute and adorable in person…and I don’t even like kids all that much. You’ll hear about her more later as well…

We went back to the AirBnb. I got my dress on (*waits for all the comments about how little I dress up and wear a dress to die down*) and then Cori did my hair. I have very temper-mental, doesn’t like to do anything, hair…and Cori ALWAYS…and I mean ALWAYS seems to get it to do something. So now the girls are glammed and on point for a party…and a few drinks (it IS a winery honey…)!


We each had a glass of wine, and waited in line for the meet and greet. Can I just say, everyone was SO nice. I mean sometimes you say that when people just aren’t jerks. But by nice I mean, I feel like everyone was welcoming, friendly, and so happy to see you. I really felt like they had just invited me into there home and were like “let’s hang out and have dinner.” Let me give you a run down…

Grant Wilson, who is co-founder of TAPS and Ghost Hunters. That mans knowledge is infinite. I literally want to take the knowledge in his brain and implant it into mine. Then the lovely Amy Bruni. She is beautiful, smart, friendly, and my favorite kind of woman: strong, self-sustaining, role model for everyone. Next was the adorably ferocious Adam Berry

I can’t tell you how many times that man made me laugh over the weekend. He’s the type of person that just makes you happy after being in a room with him for 2 minutes. I bought one of his t-shirts which was $15. Gave him a $20 and he didn’t have change so he’s like: “I will find you…I owe you $5” which was super cute and adorable. Honestly, I was going to tell him to keep the $5 but he was so insistent he would get it to me, I let him run with it… and let’s be honest it was kind of fun to say Adam Berry owed me $5. Finally there was John Tenney. To be honest, I wasn’t familiar with him at ALL. By the end of the weekend however, I was enthralled, amazed, and so glued to everything this man said. He was WONDERFUL to get to know. While signing my wine glass he gave me a lesson on how they used to use wine glasses with home made Ouija boards. Loved him!


20170408_161012[1]Off to the left of the meet and greet there was the AMAZING traveling museum of Paranormal and the Occult with Greg Newkirk and Dana Matthews. They have all sorts of haunted items from Billy the Idol, Ruby the haunted doll, a plank from the Amityville house, the dark mirror, and all kinds of other things. Really… take a look at the link above. It’s amazing… fascinating…and the creep factor level is JUST tolerable (and loads of fun!). I wanted to hold the dark mirror but never got the chance, you see things in it apparently. It’s on my list for next time. But man, if you ever get a chance to see it…DO.IT. Not only the items are amazing but Greg and Dana are super personable and definitely worth a chat. These guys have seen and heard some $h!t. It’s TOTALLY worth it.



After all of that fun it was time for dinner… two bottles of wine and a delicious dinner later I was sufficiently toasty. I don’t drink wine normally (I’m more of a tequila gal…) So after one glass I was happy. Post dinner there was a comedian named Mike Brody. How do you tell jokes about the paranormal you ask?! I didn’t think it was possible either, but he’s pretty dang good at it. He has videos…look him up. You won’t regret it.


After that it was time for my drunk caboose to get back to the AirBnB for bed. Otherwise tomorrow was going to come awfully early. We said good night to the winery for Friday and Ubered it back (no driving…tooooo much drinking). Sleep Sleep…until Saturday.


Saturday was a day starting with panels from the amazing investigators and ended with an investigation of the the winery. The first panel of the day was a happy surprise for me: Sarah Soderlund. She’s a parapsychologist who is sassy (my kinda girl…awesome first name too 😉 hint, hint..that’s my first name), delving into the mental aspect of the paranormal and human psyche. It was the only lecture when I read about it I was kind of like eh…I could take it or leave it. But actually I was super interested, and the ideas she presented I hadn’t even thought of. Instead of thinking outside the box…this girl made me tear the box wide open. You could pay to have a reading done by her. I did, and usually don’t believe in that sort of thing but I gotta say… she made me a believer. It was creepy…but in a good way.

The rest of the day included panels by John Tenney who blew my mind with the idea of time and hauntings and what they could be. Seriously people…if you have a chance to listen to any of his lectures you need to do it. He’s phenomenal. Greg and Dana gave a lecture on there haunted items, EVPs and other evidence caught around there items which I LOVED. They discussed the next level of there museum and 3D scanning there items and the challenges it’s brought on a paranormal level. You were sitting down for hours but it felt like minutes because everything was so interesting.

Amy and Adam did a panel too which I was slipped my $5 back on my chest. These two make me laugh, and you can just tell they love what they do. I can’t wait for Kindred Spirits season 2!

Grant Wilson rounded out the panels with something super educational yet personal at the same time. I felt like this man was letting me into not only his paranormal brain, but also his personal life. Sharing things so intimate that I had been wondering about for YEARS. He truly was as wonderful in person as I could ever hope and more.


After a dinner break it was time for the grand finale. The pièces de résistance… Investigating the Belvoir Winery. We heard a little of the history from Jesse who runs the day to day things at the winery and then got split into groups to investigate with each of the investigators and the local paranormal team.


2017-04-25_20.28.03[1]The first place we went was the hospice portion of the nursing home building which was just next door. The local investigator told us the hallway we moved down first was fairly active. We made our way to the end with Greg, Dana, and Billy the idol from the Traveling Paranormal Museum to do a burst EVP session just in general and then to attempt to get Billy to answer some questions. It sounds weird to people who aren’t really into the paranormal. However, to Cori and I it was like an early Christmas present. I recorded a large portion of everything we did. Dana and Greg used a Panasonc DR60 for EVPs. It’s an oldy-but-goody. I have a newer one. They were able to get some responses. Here’s a couple of snippets. Keep in mind this is my recording of there recording so the quality is poor but I wanted you all to experience it a bit. Let me remind you there’s a group of about 15 of us sitting in darkness talking to the air. It’s a weird yet satisfying thing when you get answers where there weren’t any.

This next one has some language…but it’s hilarious 😉

After we were done with Greg and Dana we made our way to Adam in the rest of the nursing home upstairs. Adam told us a story the previous group had with a door closing, then had us split up and investigate. We investigated in a few different places, doing EVPs. Scaring a few people on accident as they opened a door or walked around a corner (we’re mostly in the dark remember). But then, as Cori and I walked down a hallway I passed a door to my right and heard a moan. That was it…I peed a little in my pants, looked to my right and there’s Adam…fricken…Berry scaring the ba-jeezus out of me! For your listening pleasure and my humiliation I have the audio clip for you…there is DEFINITELY language in this one. You can’t really hear the moan he does but you can definitely hear my reaction.

2017-04-19_15.43.27[1]Here’s a picture of him leaving where he was standing. Imagine being in complete darkness, hearing moaning and then turning to your right, shining your flashlight and seeing someone standing in the window…Peed…my….underwear….

Next we made our way to Grant in the hospital portion. It took awhile to find an area that wasn’t contaminated by noise or other people, but we did manage to find a small corner. We did an EVP session. On review there wasn’t anything on it, except for a bat making it’s presence known after our session was over. From here we went to the bunker with Sarah and did some flashlight work and EVPs. We seemed to get responses to questions on an Ovilus. As well as pointing out things in the room like a box that held apples and those such things.

2017-04-19_15.48.47[1]Lastly we ended at the Odd Fellows Cemetery. It was really windy so there wasn’t much we could do there for EVPs, but it was a wonderful end to a wonderful weekend. If anyone has a chance to do a Strange Escape I highly recommend it. Ghost Hunting is amazing! I can’t wait to keep doing it. I have caught the bug…and need to learn more. The winery was just finishing the Inn on the 3rd floor. I WILL be going back to stay there. It’s amazing. If any of you are every near Liberty Missouri which is just outside Kansas City, you MUST go see this place. Go in and have a glass of wine…and maybe say I to the locals… cause we ain’t afraid of no ghosts!





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