‘Lay Your Weary Head To Rest…’


What to do on a Saturday night after a full day of meeting people you admire? Well how about a concert?!

I’m old guys… I mean old lady, party pooper, go to bed at 8pm old… Hence the blog… TRYING to be adventurous (FYI, so far I feel like I’m not doing that great of a job but hey….).

I went back to the hotel, relaxed a bit. Then after the same introvert deliberation (being an introvert is SUPER exhausting sometimes) I made my way back to the convention center.

This was so worth it though guys. Misha popped on stage to introduce the band and the next person on stage wasn’t even in Supernatural. Down the hall all weekend there was a Star Trek convention going on and none other than the man himself William Shatner shows up! I don’t care if you’re a Trek fan or not (for the record I’m only into the newer movies), this man is so iconic you have to appreciate who he is. To be able to be in the same room with him was so amazing. Both him and Misha introduced Louden Swain. Here’s some of mine and Tiffany’s pictures:

After Misha and Shatner introduced Louden Swain it was like an awesome party. I imagine there’s more squishing and getting closer to the “stage” at the other conventions because I hear there’s not much of a stage elsewhere and they can move the seats. The seats stay at this con so everyone is in there seat sitting and listening then standing. It was super special because Rob’s mom and brother were there. I actually saw both of them prior to the concert. Some fans gave her flowers. It was the sweetest thing ever!

You probably don’t care about that, you just want more pictures and the juicy bits (I literally typed butts there the first 3 times I typed ‘bits’…yep, I’m special). Because his family was there I’m going to jump ahead a bit. Louden Swain sings a song called ‘She Waits.’ He sings it all the time, only this time his mom is right there at her first Saturday Night Special at a convention…it was SO incredibly emotional and wonderful to watch I wanted to share the whole thing with you. I didn’t get the full video but this WONDERFUL YouTube user (wtagirlforever) has given me permission to use her video here..check it out: (P.S. TRY not to cry *hands you tissues*)

Amazing right?! You cried didn’t you… we aren’t chopping onions over here…!

That aside, can we just talk about Kim Rhodes for a second… This woman I fell in love with the whole con weekend. SHE is the type of woman I want to be. A bit rough on the outside with an ooey gooey center. She sang the amazing song ‘One Way or Another’ by Blondie. Let me tell you…this girl ROCKED it. Here are some pictures and then a short snippet with my shaky camera LOL.


It was a fun, laid back party. People were hitting balloons all over (I think you can see some being hit in the video above…which now that I think about it..MIGHT be why it’s so shaky…I didn’t want to get decked in the face with a balloon. Was definitely on the look out).

Louden Swain performed there own songs too like:

-Help You
-No Time Like the Present
-Trigger Finger
-Crooked Wheel
-and lots more.

Here’s some sweet pictures of the band:

Some of the other Actors sang covers with Louden Swain as well. Matt Cohen sang “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!).’ Which was amazing. Even the photographer of the convention Chris Schmelke (with his infamous hat) got into the action playing the base. Here are some pictures of those:

While all this awesomeness (supreme awesomeness) was going on I was sitting down, enjoying the concert, minding my own business when some random woman sits near me, ok…no biggie..didn’t even really notice. Until then, her husband comes and sits near me as well… Mark freaking Pellegrino! Lucifer! My inner Sarah was all (Lucifer just sat near me! I know right?! Who thought I would EVER be excited to think those words….or even think them at all). He was just chilling, watching the concert. Having as good of a time as everyone else. Like a normal every-day person. Do you know how hard it was to not stare…very…very…. SUPER VERY hard. After a few songs and some pictures he got up and left but his wife chilled and watched a good portion of the concert from there.

Ruth Connell came out and sang These Boots Are Made For Walkin. She also killed it! Mark Sheppard snuck in to play the drums and Brianna Buckmaster and Osric Chau sang When I See You Again. Osric rapped and lost his spot for a minute but it was still epic AND super adorable. Am I allowed to call him adorable? Ah, who cares…he is! I have a clip and some pics of that as well 🙂 :

Mark Pellegrino eventually came up and sang during the encore. Yep, that’s right…Lucifer sang too ;).

At the end Louden Swain sang Purple Rain as a wonderful tribute to Prince who had died earlier that year. Minnesota is very proud of Prince. Mostly because even though he was famous he chose to live here and help his home-town community. A group of fans had coordinated with everyone to bring purple glow sticks and show our love for Prince. The cast loved it, and it was super powerful. The lovely wtagirl from youtube let me use this video as well so you guys could see how amazing this moment was. I’m not gonna lie. I teared up a bit.


All I can say is when you’re exhausted from a long day, and something like that happens, it makes you a little emotional…and I don’t do that easily. I’m an introvert remember?!

If you get a chance to see Louden Swain…DO. IT. They are awesome. Who knew God could sing right?! (Rob for anyone who didn’t get the reference). They are a pretty awesome group of people and they made something I had to fight with myself to go to an awesome experience. Not only did they make it awesome, but all the other people there with the glow sticks, cheering, it was totally worth it. Go buy some of Louden Swain’s music or just check ’em out –> here. Next entry is the big kahuna…the final day….Jared…Jensen…Misha…Jefferey Dean Morgan… you ready?!

You’ll have to wait a LITTLE bit longer 😉


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