‘Don’t You Cry No More….’

Yep. That’s right. We’ve reached the LAST day of the convention. I know…I know…it’s what you all REALLY have been waiting for all these posts right?! Everyone wants to know how the boys are in real life and how Papa Winchester a.k.a. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is.

Well…after my possibly 2 or 3 part series turned into a 6 part series I’m here to fill you in! One word: AMAZING.

I was so exhausted by this point but this was the best day yet…and the earliest one.

Up bright and early with tickets in hand and a quick breakfast it was a hop over to the convention center for the first task of the day: Photo op with Castiel…

Some of you are like *raises eyebrow* ‘you mean Misha Collins???’


I mean Castiel….

Keep in mind this is 8:15am…he is very sleepy (I know…I know….Castiel doesn’t sleep). He looks hung over lol. Honestly I don’t remember anything about this photo op. I was so tired, and it happened so fast… I’m pretty sure I didn’t say much and just went in for a hug like a total creeper LOL.

Next it was my photo op with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. THIS…I do remember:

Oh.My.God. This man is SO nice. He’s kind of a jerk as Papa Winchester, and Negan…well… but in person he’s so sweet. Most people tell me this photo op looks like I’m hugging my dad. I think it’s the pose, and the greying beard. I asked for a hug and he stood there with arms open. I went in for the hug and after he said ‘Thank you darlin.’ Soooo sweet. I actually regret not getting more than one op with him. *sighs* It’s ok. I’ll live.

By the time that was done it was time for the con to open for Gold Panel of Jared and Jensen. *takes deep breath* This was the first time I would get to see them….from my seat…way far away…

Hey, they were now in the same room as me…oh…my…freaking…AAAHHHHH!

Ok…ok…calming down. I’ll start you off with pictures then we’ll get down to what happened at the panel. Here:


I’m not posting many because well they’re just standing there most of the time. When they popped on stage they were cute, adorable, and as funny in person as you’d expect them to be. The stage and auditorium are HUGE so they made little jokes about everybody not bringing more friends…there are plenty of seats. Jared mentioned he felt like a professor or in Good Will Hunting.

Someone in the audience had a GIANT plush cheeseburger. Jared being the big kid that he is HAD to play with it. He immediately acted like he wanted to eat it, laid on it, then of course chucked it at Jensen. I WISH I had pictures of this but I failed you bloggers… I failed you hard! 😦

Jared talked about the fact he has NO idea how tall anyone is if he has to look down at them. He’s freakishly tall. Which then segweighed (spelling? Is this even a word? Do I even know how to type? *sighs*) into a story about there stunt coordinator, who is short, and Jared for YEARS acting like he can’t see/find him. Jensen also talked about how the coordinator has been looking out for them for years. How even when Jensen was trying to “be a man” and partake in a ‘minor’ stunt of throwing yourself into a wall, the coordinator tried to talk him out of it, but he refused…and take 4 he wrenched his neck. Lesson learned honey…. (listen to me call him honey…like I know him now…we’re buds…)

(…No we’re not.)

Next there was an attempt to make the boys ‘Wip and nae nae’ O…M…G… Jared started giggling all devious because he swore he had a video of Jensen attempting this. Right as things were about to get good, a special guest stopped by to say hi. I actually have a snippet of video for you to enjoy for that:


Jensen was SO happy he showed up and distracted from that. They tried to get the girl who asked them to do it to show them how…and she said she was too white. LOL. Jensen was like “HELLO?!” and points to the two of them. OMG…I love these two so much.

Jared started talking about doing tags and what they were and a funny story about Jensen. I have a video of that…it’s amazing…take a look, and I dare you not to laugh. πŸ˜‰

Jaren and Jensen then talked about how there were no sleeping, no eating signs on the flash sets. If you follow them on instagram or twitter you’ve probably seen this but I’ll post a link –>Β  HERE

Then he went further to talk about them defacing Stephen Amell’s parking sign. They didn’t post pictures of it…but Stephen did. Here’s his picture of what they drew on his parking space sign –> LOL

One of the audience members asked the boys which season finale was there favorite. Jared talked about Season 5 and Season 8 were his but he also mentioned how amazing season 1 finale’s was. They discussed how when the truck hit the impala the car was supposed to flip and barrel roll and the truck would continue. So basically the car getting stuck to the truck was a mistake. THEN Jared talked about how he didn’t know if the show was coming back, and he “might” have taken something LOL.

Honestly, they talked about TONS of things all of them made me laugh hysterically and smile from ear to ear. The last question someone asked was Mark Sheppard said he pranked Jared because why not when Jared is ALWAYS pranking everyone. Jensen actually had it on his phone. Basically the jist is the same day Jensen did the ‘BONJOUR!’ with the tags, they had a set of tags saying that Mark Sheppard was getting a spot on The Flash on his own Mark Sheppard network and had Jared read it on the prompter. We were listening to it on Jensen’s phone and at one point hear Jared say “Are you F*cking kidding me?!” God I love those two. Let me just say if you get the chance, go to youtube, type in Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Gold Panel at Minncon 2016. It’s like 37 minutes long. I’m sure it’s on there. You will be laughing the whole time. They are AMAZING!

Phew! Long winded…and we’re only up to like 1045 am. Still hangin in there? Ready for more…? Here we go!

After the gold panel I had a GLORIOUS photo op with Jensen Ackles. What a freaking sweet heart. Here is this deliciousness:


I mean…can we just talk about that smile for one gosh, darn, minute?! So freaking cute! This is one of my favorites… I just asked very politely if I could hug him. He was like “of course.” Then said thank you. I left smiling from ear to ear. I did not hyperventilate. I did not freak out. I did not cry. Sarah – 1 Fangirl – 0. Boo-yah!

Next I had my autograph session with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I had him sign my Sam Funko Pop doll. The autographs go by so fast, it’s like ‘hi…sign this please…thanks…bye’, and you’re done.

By the time I was done with JDM’s autograph it was time to race back upstairs to stand in line for another photo op. This one my fangirl status showed up for a star performance. It was time for the big sandwich photo op. Jared and Jensen with me squished in the middle. I mean… how can you resist?! This is just… I can’t freakin…even. *Takes a deep breath*

Ok first…let me show you the picture then I’ll explain:


Look at how freaking happy I look. Look at me! Let me explain what happens here. Sarah – 1, Fangirl – 1… ah hell Fangirl gets 2 points for this… *takes a deep breath* So, I am about to be between two people I have wanted to meet for AGES…YEARS…LIFETIMES… You are in a room, put your stuff on a table, watching people in front of you get pictures with these guys. Some take a minute, some take two…and you’re getting closer and closer… You can ask for lots of different things. I just wanted to be squished between them. I stood in front of them both, asked if I could get squished between them. Not just hugged, but squished. They laughed and said yes. I was like ‘Can I hug you?’ (pointing at Jared), ‘and have you hug me from behind?’ (pointing to Jensen) (p.s. no dirty thoughts…I was shaking super bad at this point). They were like ‘of course..’

So I took a deep breath and went in for the hug with Jared. The deep breath is what did me in. I did a deep breath in through my nose. When I did that…I got a good smell of whatever Jared was wearing. Whether it was aftershave, cologne, I don’t know… but whatever it was…Jesus help me…it smelled so…freaking…good! I gave Jared a hug, Jensen hugged me-we squished and at the same time… my knees buckled. At this point Jared Padalecki is LITERALLY holding me up. Jensen stops hugging me, Jared asks me if I’m ok? At the same time his handler is trying to get me to move to hurry the line along and I’m like ‘Just give me a second to get my sea legs back.’ There handler looks annoyed like I’m holding up the line. Jared at this point is like ‘Just give her a second I think I’m literally holding her up.” All of this mind you takes maybe an extra 15-20 seconds, but it felt like FOREVER. I stand slowly, say ‘thank you very much’, and he strokes my hair and says ‘you’re very welcome darlin.’ Um, Jared Padalecki called me darlin…thats TWICE in one day I got called darlin…but this time was WAY better. Sorry Jeffrey Dean Morgan…

It’s a good thing it was time for lunch at this point because I’m not gonna lie…it took me awhile to recover after that. It was actually hard for me to eat, but I knew I’d be in trouble later if I didn’t.

After lunch at 1pm it was time for my next photo op. Another date with Jared Padalecki. This time it was just him and me. πŸ˜‰ I wanted something a little different this time…but didn’t know how to describe it..and I was SUPER nervous because of the last time. I don’t remember what I said. I’m not really sure I said anything. I think I just kind of stood in front of him and faced the camera and then grabbed his arm. This was the result:


This one has been the background on my phone since that day. I. Love. It. BUT…it’s actually NOT my favorite of all of them. That one is yet to come.

While you’re waiting for photos to happen you bond with lots of other people, and fun stuff happens as well. While I was waiting for a photo op in the room. Something happened that some people dubbed Nerf-gate 2016. I’m not sure who it was. But a lovely lady brought nerf guns for her photo op. It’s getting toward the end of the day, you can tell Jared and Jensen have seen a million people and have a million to go. It’s getting harder and harder for there handler’s to keep them on task. I don’t blame them. So when you give two adult five year olds nerf guns what do you THINK is going to happen. They started shooting them at one another. It was HILARIOUS. One of them even managed to nail a girl waiting in line with one. The staff was actually yelling at them to stop…and they kept going anyway. Which by the way everyone in that photo op room LOVED. I can only imagine what these guys wives think when they all get together.

The next photo op I had was my favorite. It was the ‘J3’, Jared, Jensen, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I wasn’t sure how to even ask for this photo op…it can be so awkward with 4 people. I just wanted to be in the middle. So I was like um…I’ll just stand here…be the center of your world for 2 seconds. It still turned out awesome to me though. There’s just something about this photo that I LOVE.


Yep. That’s delish right. It came later in the night but I’ll talk about it now because I have this photo up. At the top you can see the photo is autographed. It’s Jared’s and Jensen’s on top of each other’s head. I got Jared’s autograph first. He was like hi and then signed his name above Jensen’s face and said “I’ll sign here so you have something pretty to look at on this side.” I laughed and said thanks, then made sure to tell Jensen what Jared said. Jensen laughed and said if it wasn’t my photo he’d scribble out his face.

After the J3 photo op it was time for more panels. 2:40pm means Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s panel. It was SUPER fun to see Papa Winchester back talking Supernatural after all these years. He also talked a lot about the Walking Dead. The new season hadn’t aired yet. There was a lot to say about how bad ass he would be. Also, side note… did you know his wife is Hillary Burton from One Tree Hill? She played Peyton. I did NOT know that…and that Jensen introduced them. Um, talk about adorable. I LOVE her! Ok, anyway… Here’s a few of mine and Tiffany’s photos from the panel:

Next it was the panel pretty much everyone from the whole weekend was waiting for. The Jared and Jensen main panel. But first… music break:

Jared and Jensen are amazing. I know I said that already but GEEZ…they are. So to ask questions there was a lottery system. If you had a question you put your name on a sheet and then they put it up on the screen so you could get in line on the right or left of the stage. The boys came out like rockstars. They talked about a lot of things, I won’t delve into them all. I loved how quirky they were and little kid like even in a room full of people. Jared sat backwards on the high bar chairs they had for them and was spinning around in the chair, almost fell over…and then they were fighting each other with there legs. I mean super adorable, quirkyness that makes you love them even more. They talked about being up late the night before playing bocce ball at Brit’s Pub in Minneapolis. Also how the courts were full and how they basically bribed some guys with $100 to take there spot and ended up playing till they closed pretty much. They actually took a picture with Papa Winchester outside of Brit’s Pub and posted it… you can see it –> HERE.

The two children also took there water bottles and started popping the caps off like two year olds…and it was hilariously adorable. Popping them high up into the air, they shot off the bottles like cannons. LOVE. IT.


They talked about Jensen’s twins. They hadn’t been born yet, and we had just got the announcement his family was about to have twins. But Jared talked about when him and Gen found out Jensen was having twins… he said he was basically like ‘Get in the bedroom they’re beating us now’ LOL… which…hindsight… Shortly after we found out Gen was pregnant with their 3rd kid… So now they’re tied again. LOL.

At one point someone asked a question about Mary… and said If Mary had lived do you think the boys would have gone into hunting…would the life have followed them, or lived normal lives…etc… and Jared proceeded to turn it into a nursery rhyme and was like or “If Mary had…a little lamb…” and finished it…like I said. Two year olds…. πŸ™‚ At one point someone said “Sam and Dean” and they turned it into Salmon Dean..and talked about the Salmon Dean fish… *rolls my eyes* hehe Also… *spoiler alert if you haven’t seen the end of season 11 or season 12*

Mary came back. Mama Winchester! So they talked about how in season 12 she’s going to have to deal with how the boys did end up in the life she didn’t want.

Jensen also talks about how Jared reacted around Gen on set, literally sitting on the floor next to her cast chair:


Finally, they do this thing for the last question…The band plays a ‘last question’ song, then they invite someone on stage and have them ask the last question next to them. The girl asked them to reenact the scene from Yellow Fever with the cat and Jensen screams… and they did it perfectly. I have a youtube video. I’m waiting for permission so if the user says no I’ll have to take it down but for now here it is:

Here are a couple of pictures Tiffany took from the moment as well:

LOVE. THEM. Here are the rest of Tiffany and I’s pictures from the panel:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all of that was I done? NOPE. It was time for one last photo op. Jared and Misha. I just asked for a hug… and it was the end of the day…and Nerf-gate had happened not too long before…and the boys were tired… and this was the result:


If I looked squished it’s because…well… I was… Misha started squeezing me so hard that I started laughing mid picture and Jared joined in. I am being SUPER SQUISHED…and it was amazing. And Misha’s face… I can’t get over it. It’s like this “yeeeeessss?” face and I just love it.

By this time the con was winding down. There was a Kings Of Con panel with Richard and Rob talking about there new series called Kings of Con. It’s a hilarious series…look it up. Check it out! After the panel it was Jared’s and Jensen’s autographs which take HOURS… not minutes… HOURS to complete. The poor guys. They’ve actually taken away autographs this year for non-weekend passes. So you can’t just go sunday and buy an autograph. Basically they said it was taking too long. Which I totally understand that was a LONG day. A long weekend. I was exhausted…

BUT… I reupped for next year (2017). What’s that mean?! My once in a life-time experience is going to turn into a twice in a life time. HOWEVER, I spent THOUSANDS…not hundreds THOUSANDS going to this. Not 2017’s. Gonna try a few different things…except still get my hugs from the boys ;). So that’s it… now you’ve heard a lot. Seen a lot… lived through my experiences. This was DEFINITELY an adventure. Would I have done it again knowing what I know now? YES! Would I have done anything different? I don’t think so. It was an amazing experience and I’m REALLY glad my introverted self didn’t win when it wanted to over the weekend. So as the song goes…

Carry on my wayward son…
There’ll be peace when you are done…
Lay your weary head to rest…
Don’t you cry no more…





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