Family Don’t End With Blood….

I know people tell me it’s just a tv show… I know people think I’m crazy for spending all this money on a convention… but these people are family…without the fights at Thanksgiving and Christmas…

…but maybe some buyers remorse.

I decided last year I would go AGAIN to the Supernatural convention. So….surprise! It’s another convention entry…just one this time…I promise πŸ˜‰ .

I didn’t buy as many photo ops this time, but I still had an amazing time.

Thursday night I went to a slumber party….no really…with Brianna and Kim. These ladies:


They bring girl power to a whole new level. Honestly, the more I get to know these ladies the more I love them and think every person on the planet should look up to them as role models. They had us give each other at least 15 compliments. It really set the tone for the whole experience. We laughed, we ate pizza, we even interrupted Jason Manns man cave with a little ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ montage. It definitely set the tone for the whole weekend and that tone was: AWESOME.

Friday morning was panels by Rich and Rob, Gil, and Rachel Miner. Rich and Rob always make you laugh, and this year I was in the second row which I’m not gonna lie is so different than row G. Mostly because when they’re looking out they’re looking AT you, and remember you later. Which is SO unexpected, and kinda cool. Here’s my 2nd row view and a couple pictures of the beginning:




Next was Gil Mckinney who was at the convention the first year but not the 2nd so I had never seen him before. He was super sweet, and I loved his panel. He legit wants to know who you are and things about you. Also, the man has an AMAZING voice (more on that later).Β  Here’s that adorable man talkin us up:



Then was the ADORABLE Rachel Miner. Rachel was a happy surprise. It was actually going to be Osric and he had to cancel due to filming another project. Rachel was added last minute and I think her photo ops were actually one of the first things that sold out that weekend. I got an op ASAP. I’ve wanted to meet her for ages. She plays Meg on the show, and I love her. I love her personality even more. I was unaware until the convention that she has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). She came out on this ADORABLE scooter with a unicorn on it. Rob and Rich helped her into a chair and then you were glued to every word she said. During her autograph later she literally grabbed both of my hands and wanted to legit sit and talk. It took FOREVER to get through her autograph line but it was so worth it. She really does care and has the most beautiful soul of anyone I’ve met on the show. Which is funny since Meg’s soul is a demon LoL. AWKWARD. She was my first photo op of the convention and honestly it’s one of my favorites. BOOM:



The day continued with panels by Emily Swallow, Kim and Brianna, and Jason Manns. I will be honest Jason Manns is a singer/songwriter who I don’t know much about. I was excited to see his panel BUT I didn’t really get to see it because at the same time that was scheduled it was time for my Kim and Brianna photo Op which you’ll get to see down the road.

Finally, friday ended with autographs from Rachel, Rich, Emily, and Kim & Brianna. Here’s some pictures from the end of day one:



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Someone during the day was taking little hearts and putting them all over the convention with cute messages on them. I took a picture of one in the bathroom because well, who doesn’t need a pick me up. Someone also left little buttons that you could take all over the convention that had cute sayings on them too. It was like random strangers were hugging you. It was really cool, and this girl doesn’t like hugs usually…


At the end of friday there was Karaoke. Which was fun, we all sang, they all dressed up like they were in the circus. I don’t really have pictures from that. I was too busy singing along and having an awesome time.

Toward the end there machine started acting up and we literally had to sing ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ without music because the machine quit. But this is a Supernatural fandom you’re talking about. We nailed it πŸ˜‰

Saturday was up and at ’em at about 9:30 to start the day with a quickie from Rich and Rob, then Elizabeth Blackmore’s panel. I hadn’t seen the updated episodes yet (I know…I know…I’m a piss poor example of a fan. πŸ˜› ), so I didn’t know anything about her character. BUT as a person she’s super sweet and adorable. Because I knew nothing about her character I really didn’t take any pictures here or get any photo ops with her. If I go again I would definitely though. It was her very FIRST convention, she was SO nervous but she rocked it.

Next was a foursome panel (MIND out of the gutter) with Kim, Brianna, Gil, and Ruth Connell. The ladies were basically trying to find any excuse to kiss Gil which was HILARIOUS. His poor wife, she’s a saint I tell ya! Here’s a few pictures from that cause really that’s what you care about right?!


After they were done it was time for a panel with Rich, Matt, and Rob and a costume contest. Here’s a couple photos because so far my camera has avoided Matt which is ridiculous!



I watched the initial panel but left for a “Nice AF” photo op with Brianna and Kim (translates to Nice-AS-FUCK… sorry not sorry for the language πŸ˜‰ ). Then a photo op with Misha Collins.Β  Here’s my friday and saturday ops with Kim and Brianna:

2017-09-14 05.03.55

The post on the bottom is weird you say…?! Hmmm…explanation you want?! Yoda-Sarah will supply she will hmmm-mmhmm.

LOL ok, seriously… so the bottom pose actually goes back to the slumber party on thursday. We played Supernatural Cards Against Humanity, which was HILARIOUS. But it was basically us fans playing so the last round we were like ‘you guys need to play!’ So we read the first card and they picked cards and we had to guess. But before we started Brianna started holding her boobs and being like “my nipples pop out when I’m nervous.” Then it turned into the nervous pose. So when I walked up to them on friday I was like ladies can we do the ‘nervous pose?’ It took them a second to remember.

Keep in mind there’s a HUGE line of people standing there waiting for there photo ops. When we all did this, the whole room erupted in laughter even though most had no idea what it meant. LOL still makes me smile and giggle to this day. I LOVE these girls!

I’ll show you my Misha photo op a little later. First, having these photo ops almost made me miss Mark Sheppard’s panel. It’s his last year of Supernatural conventions so the con goers had arranged something special. Someone had all these signs printed that said “#LongLiveTheKing” on one side and “Even when I lose, I win -Mark Sheppard” on the other side. Then they were going to chant “Long Live The King” when he came out.

He normally is sassy 24/7 and very Crowley-esc (<- made up word-ish that I’m TOTALLY ok with using πŸ˜‰ ). However, this panel he was more ‘thanks’, ‘you guys are awesome’, with a little bit of Crowley mixed in. It was nice to see. Of what I got to see anyway. During his autograph session later I actually got the sign that was made autographed by him.

After all that we got the coolest treat. The schedule just said Autographs by Louden Swain and Rob Benedict but Louden Swain came out into the lobby of the convention and did an acoustic session before signing autographs. Man can these guys sing. Here’s a quick snippet (Thank you Lora Martin for letting me use your video πŸ™‚ ):

Next on the agenda for Saturday was a photo op with Rob. Like Brianna and Kim he has become one of my favorites. He is just an all around amazing person. A wonderful soul. He really does care whether you have an amazing experience or not. I also had a photo op with Gil Mckinney. He and Matt Cohen had just had a photo op session where they were bouncing around, you can tell he looks all hot n sweaty in my photo op. He was, but it was cute!

2017-09-14 05.09.39

After these was almost the end of the day. Then it was time for the lovely Misha Collins. Man I love that guy. So nice, and wonderful. Super friendly. He yelled at the crowd during his panel because about halfway through someone told him his fly was down. He was like “COME ON YOU GUYS?! NO ONE TOLD ME?!” LOL. Let’s be honest, I didn’t notice. I wasn’t really looking at his crotch. Although now that he said that it’s totally regrettable that I wasn’t. *sighs* opportunities missed! Here’s some fun filled photos, see if you can spot the open fly πŸ˜› …


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Final part of convention day two: I got autographs from Elizabeth Blackmore and Misha Collins in the book I bought. Family Don’t End With Blood. So while we’re here. Let’s talk about this book for a minute…or 5. This is basically a fan written book.

A women, Lynn Zubernis, who was going to conventions saw how the fandom not only affected the fans but also the actors/actresses and decided to write a book about it. When I say write she was basically the editor who compiled stories from fans, actors of the show and threw them together. I have since read it, and cried, laughed, smiled a million times. I HIGHLY recommend this book. The cover photo below is a link that will take you to Amazon to purchase. DO…IT… I promise if you’re a fan you won’t regret it!


Last event saturday was the Saturday Night Special. OMG…sitting in row 2 is AMAZING for this event. They are looking right at you while singing which, let me tell you, is delicious. SO many great songs again this year. My all time favorite though…Gil McKinney who sang his own song ‘How Was I To Know.’ Which is basically about his dad. NOT a dry eye in the house… guys included. He’s sexy… his voice is amazing… SO..MUCH..CRYING… If you’re only going to click on ONE of the videos I post here…click on this one…(Thanks to Kate for letting me use her video).

Here’s a couple pictures of this amazing man singing as well:


The next song that blew my mind was from Brianna. I knew she could sing but this was like DAMN GIRL YOU HAVE PIPES! She sang Million reasons and KILLED IT. Here’s the video (Thanks to Melissa Finch for letting me use her video):

Louden Swain the main act as always was amazing. Here are some photos I took during the concert:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, my favorite song by Louden Swain, ‘She Waits….’ It gets me every time. Here is a little clip of Rob singing the end of the song. Dare you not to get teary…

I know this post is like a million years long…but hey I promised you only one post…and I took a lot of pictures ;).

WELCOME to 3…and let’s be honest. The day everyone cares about. Opening the day was the Gold panel of Jared and Jensen. Let me tell you…these guys were AMAZING troopers. While this convention was going on Texas where they both live was getting pummeled by a hurricane. I honestly thought they would cancel even going to convention. In fact, while they were talking Jensen’s wife called and he took the call to make sure everything was ok. Everyone was fine, one of there bedrooms was flooded. Jared even made a joke that they were over at his house in the wine cellar which means all the good wine was going to be gone.

I have plenty of photos from this but here are a few for you to gaze at :).



There also was a video Jensen had posted on instagram the night before where him and Jared basically said “I’m going to go on record as saying this is a bad idea.” You can search youtube for Jensen’s deleted instagram video. HeHe. They were both drunk, and when asked about it they said they legally couldn’t say. LoL. I’m pretty sure they broke the law in some way, not even Cliff there body guard knew they were out doing shenanigans at night. God I love those two!

After gold panel I had my photo ops with Jensen, Jared, and then the famous squish. Here they are:

2017-09-14 05.18.35

I think I like last years better, but that might just be because I’m more of a walrus than I was the year before. Don’t get me wrong. I still LOVE these! But again, I don’t remember ANY of what I said to them LOL. I’m ALWAYS facing Jared if I have a choice though LoL. He smells SO delicious. Well, they both smell nice.

Next was the J2 Mom photo. LOL it’s actually the only photo I’m like eh, I could of done without. I asked for Sam Smith to act like she was trying to protect her boys from me…LOL it turned out weird. I don’t think she knew what to do. I think if I could do it again I’d have her trying to pull them away from me. But oh well. I still got to hug them both twice.


I do REALLY like Jared’s face in this picture though. It’s all smirky like ahhhhh hahahaha!

After that Richard and Rob did an intro/welcome panel then Sam Smith (Mama Winchester) got up there for hers. She’s JUST as adorable as you’d think. I LOVE her. I didn’t get any individual pictures with her though, I’d love to another time if I go.Β  She spent a lot of time at her panel talking about how hard it was for Mom to come back into her boys life and see what they had become, and the life they lived, and how she wasn’t any part of it. It was all about Mama Winchester emotional struggles.


FYI…HUGE fan of her dress. LOOK at how adorable!.

During the day on day 3 something awesome happened. A lovely couple brought there replica Impala for people to see. I got to sit in it. It was AMAZING! The trunk as you can see below had replica weapons in the hidden compartment as well. And if you look close on the top of the trunk you can see at some point they brought it in for everyone to autograph. That is SO great! I loved it!


Next was the regular Jared and Jensen sunday panel. I KNOW you want more pictures of the boys…so here ya go:


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The photo where you can see Jensen walking is ADORABLE. The boys were talking about the ‘Family Don’t End With Blood’ book and writing there sections. Jared did his while both families were on vacation together. Jensen was mimicing himself walking about by the pool in his speedo. I was TRYING to imagine it…WITHOUT drooling.Β  It was really hard… the drooling part I mean.

Next panel was Ruth Connell. Biggest complaint I got from you all was no pictures of Ruth LoL. Ok, ok…I get it! So I got some…

Here you go:


After that it was autographs. This year I bought a replica Impala to get there autographs on. They each signed there doors. Jensen the driver side, Jared the passenger. It was so nice. As per the usual the last year. Jared was all laughs and jokes, Jensen was down to business.

Over all it was an awesome experience. If I had to grade the last two years I think I’d still grade the first year as better ONLY because there were much more little special things that the con-goers did to make it unique. Nerf-gate, the prince thing during Saturday-Night-Special.

I’m not going next year. Mostly because it’s still months later and my bank account is still mad at me. Like turning a shoulder, giving me the finger mad. So I calmed my lady parts down and didn’t re-up for next year. Also, to re-up it increased by over $100. And I thought the best thing about re-upping was that you could do it for the same price as the previous year. So-oh well. On to different adventures. But I nailed down two of my bucket list items! I will never forget getting to meet Jared and Jensen. They are AMAZING! If you get the chance to do it… don’t let it go. DO…IT!

P.S. sorry the post was so long…but I didn’t want to give you 6 parts. LOL, besides. You all just come for the pictures and video’s anyway.


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