I Would Walk 500 Miles…

I would walk 500 miles? Like maybe? I’m thinking about it? Contemplating? NOPE! How about I WILL walk 500 miles. Not at one time silly (that would be obnoxious right? or maybe just REALLY ambitious)! Over a long period of time…like…a snail. No, wait… maybe not a snail that’s too slow. How about…a donkey (from now on you will read that in Shrek’s accent as it will be spelled Don-kay)! So yep, it’s I WILL walk 500 miles…like a DON-KAY!

Okay, okay, enough with the shenanigans. I have gotten several comments about my absence. Where’s the next blog entry? How’s the weight loss? I have been quiet, and secretive, and protective over this next phase. Okay, maybe not secretive and protective. Excuses? I really just didn’t have much to report. 275 lbs hit me like a ton of bricks.


I mean this in the most kind, loving, semi-serial killer way…I swear if I ever see that number again I may just go ape sh!t on the scale. I mean really…bye bye scale. Out the window, flying, while I blow it a kiss. I stayed in the 275 lb range for weeks. I mean weeks. It wasn’t even like I was in a plateau or anything. I would go up, then down, then up then down. I spent some time over eating, going out with friends, and working. On the lighter side of things I guess that means I was great at maintaining my weight considering what I was eating. But I had enough.

I was still following my eating and work out regimen minus a normal meal at a restaurant or two. Almost EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. So no WONDER I wasn’t losing weight. But now (*trumpets playing*) I have lost 20 lbs total! Yep. That’s right. This girl is sittin pretty at 269 lbs as of today. 😉 (Congratulations DON-KAY!) I was so close to the 20lb lost mark I skipped on my cheat day to get here.

Where to now you ask? I keep going! Don’t stop… (believin! sorry…had to). My confidence is through the roof. Why the 500 miles you ask? Well because…why not? Through my gym they are doing an event where you log your exercise in miles (not only on the treadmill or elliptical but you get a certain amount of miles for the length of weight training you do). You get a t-shirt after a 1000 miles and you have a year to complete it. I have been doing this for roughly 1 1/2 months (about the middle of February) and am currently sitting at 66.1 miles. Over 66 miles in that short amount of time is amazing, mind-boggling, cray cray (yep, I just went there).  But I have a long way to go. It’s a marathon not a sprint remember? How am I going to get there?

Speed walking, maybe a little jogging, and in the end, maybe a little running. Back in the day (a few months ago) I would have celebrated an accomplishment by going out to eat. I’m PRETTY sure that is not going to work for this type of lifestyle change. So what to do? what to do? Well call me crazy, but I signed up for that 5K. That’s right, July 9th I will be lugging my jiggly, fat behind (hopefully not AS FAT) over and through several inflatable (get your mind out of the gutter) obstacles for my first ever 5k. I’m scared, I’m weak in the knees, I’m anxious…and don’t even get me started on the pit and butt sweat that starts when I just start THINKING about it. But this is something I need to do for me.

So while this is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. For now I think I’ll say it’s a 5k not a sprint. I’m continuing the journey to getting healthier, and losing weight for me, by going those 500 miles, and hopefully further. But for now, this 20lb lighter DON-KAY is walking, jogging, and maybe even running through 3.1 miles to get to those 500. See you at the other side!



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